Taiwan - High value-added food packaging

Customer Nation: TaiwanIndustry: FoodResin type: HDPE
Machine Model: JHS-370FCavities: 4 Number of station: 1
Actuator Type: Hybrid(with Servo motor) Productivity: 960 pcs/hrProduct type: Drinking bottle

The customer is the large-scale packaging film manufacturer in the south of Taiwan specializes in a variety of high value-added food packaging. Since 2012, they have developed a close partnership with JOHN HUAH. JOHN HUAH has won the appreciation and recognition of Taiwan's index packaging film manufacturers for our solid and powerful machine appearance structure design, simple and flexible humanized control interface and energy-efficient integration of core units.

Through close technical exchanges and positive interaction between the two parties, JOHN HUAH has built a number of simple and efficient blowing equipment for this customer, which has been well received with continuous and stable mass production. Our automation design bring the customer a full automatic production from blowing process to leak testing and labeling process. “It is just like the fully automatic money printing machine” said the customer.

JONH HUAH will continue to focus on the concept of “Made Simple”, listening to customers' needs, aiming at providing customers with the most efficient solutions and integrating the most advanced technology to satisfy customers. The value of the brand “JONH HUAH” will be deeply rooted in every customer.

Jonh Huan

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In last 40 years, Jonh Huah provide our blow molding technology to help our customers/ friends developing their business, and growing up with them.

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