Hong Kong - Thick bottom PETG bottle

Customer Nation: Hong KongIndustry: CosmeticResin type: PETG
Machine Model: JHD-370DCavities: 2 Number of station: 2
Actuator Type: Hybrid(with Servo motor) Productivity: 480 pcs/hrProduct type: Thick bottom bottle

With over 2,500 professional employees and with a plant area of ??more than 90,000 square meters, located in Southern China, a large cosmetic plastic container manufacturer founded in 1993, decided to purchase JONH HUAH machine from 2002.

The outstanding feature of JONH HUAH is that our machinery is very user-friendly. Through long-term tracking of customer side, in-depth knowledge of customer's actual needs, the operation interface and electronic control system were improved to be more suitable for any technician to get started. The high MI of PETG requires the high speed and reliable machine running. The thick bottom bottle is especially with more challenge. JONH HUAH machine achieves it easily.

The biggest benifit to use EBM machine instead of ISBM or IBM machine is less cost. The EBM machine only need 1 blowing mold, and very easy to chage the weight of produts by adjusting HMI touch panel. It is really good for small amount of diversity. Our flexibility in production has increases dramatically.

Customer stated that they satisfied with JONH HUAH for reasonable machine design with operation stability and excellent production efficiency. They will continue to purchase JONH HUAH machines and introduce our competitive advantages to other customers who need it.

Jonh Huan

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In last 40 years, Jonh Huah provide our blow molding technology to help our customers/ friends developing their business, and growing up with them.

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