Korea - Automobile dust cover - Specialized

Customer Nation: KoreaIndustry: AutomobileResin type: TPE / TPEE
Machine Model: JS-550ECavities: 1 Number of station: 1
Actuator Type: Hybrid(with Servo motor) Productivity: 211 pcs/hrProduct type: Dust Cover

In the beginning, the customer came to Jonh Huah Blow Molding Machine referred by a other company. This customer is a multinational corporation who is supplying the bellow/dust cover and its serial products to a variety brands of automobile makers in Korea, Japan, India and US who impose critical request for the products based on endurable and safety concern.

Regarding this project, the challenges including below:

  • TPE melting index is very fast, not easy to control the precision of parison / wall thickness. (CPK) of the long product.
  • The CPK requirements on product thickness in every area of product body is very strict.
  • Auto deflash Top and bottom scrap auto deflash.

To meet the all above high quality request, we make new design by modifying JS-550E and integration of drying system and gravimetric dosing system for the TPE material which requires special treatment in process. It is accumulator type and very high speed and high precision injection design is adopted to assure the quick injection for the parison.

Eventually, Jonh Huah has built up a new machine design which is completely meet the customer’s requirements. And now the machines are promoting to North America (US, Canada and Mexico) and India.

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