Canada - Automobile Air Duct

Customer Nation: CanadaIndustry: AutomobileResin type: HDPE
Machine Model: JHS-490DCavities: 2+2 Number of station: 1
Actuator Type: Hybrid(with Servo motor) Productivity: 514 pcs/hrProduct type: Air Duct

One of the biggest auto parts manufacturing company in North America, have found Jonh Huah to solve the problem of producing air duct for auto by extrusion blow machine.

Usually the auto parts were produced by other molding field such as Injection machine combine with stretch blow molding machine, especially those product in delicate shape, high dimension precision and minimum tolerance rate. The photo of product as attached is the one the customer expects to produce by blowing process in its idea originally. To meet the consistent thickness of flat shape and dimple point are the two major challenges. In addition, it is 2+2 mold that auto-cutting is required after the blow in mold design.

By Jonh Huah’s R&D, we have come out with the solution and conquer the issue which other EBM company could not achieve. We make the idea become the reality. The success of auto-cutting in the mold mechanism makes the production increase by double while it is originally just 1+1.

After the success of the first machine, the customer place an order to buy another Jonh Huah’s machine within few month for its Mexico factory, which again demonstrate that Jonh Huah could always satisfies the customer’s need.

Jonh Huan

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