Madagascar - 20L Jerrycan

Customer Nation: MadagascarIndustry: Food packagingResin type: HDPE
Machine Model: EX-800ECavities: 1 Number of station: 1
Actuator Type: Hydraulic Productivity: 60 pcs/hrProduct type: 20L Jerrycan

Owning up to 10 set of Jonh Huah’s accumulator type extrusion blow molding machine, the customer produces and supplies the necessities of cooking oil over the Madagascar in Africa.

With business booming year by year, the customer consistently purchase machine from Jonh Huah and gives high credit to Jonh Huah’s outstanding machine on its quality, durability, and the after sales service Jonh Huah provide.

‘’Thanks to Jonh Huah’s blow molding solution, the container stay firm without damage or leaking during the long-distance delivery.’’ The distance between customer’s factory to the dealer sometimes last more than thousands of miles, by passing curvy mountain road with bad traffic condition, and most of the time it damage half amount of the container during the delivery, not until they have met Jonh Huah, Jonh Huah have changed their container design as well as the artistic of blow molding.

It is always happy to see customer booming business after using Jonh Huah’s extrusion blow molding machine.

Jonh Huan

Thanks our friends

In last 40 years, Jonh Huah provide our blow molding technology to help our customers/ friends developing their business, and growing up with them.

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