Canada - 20L Jerrycan

Customer Nation: CanadaIndustry: ChemicalResin type: HDPE
Machine Model: EX-800ECavities: 1 Number of station: 1
Actuator Type: Hydraulic Productivity: 129 pcs/hrProduct type: 20L Jerrycan

‘’Is it possible to produce 2 different shape of container simultaneously on 1 machine?’’ Yes, Jonh Huah did it!

One of the professional plastic manufacturing company at Canada, product including container, drums, dock float even various of the cap. To replace the existing old German-made extrusion blow molding machine in the plant, the customer has compared with different EBM machine manufacturer, and finally choose Jonh Huah as the business partner.

By serving variety of plastic product in Canada, the customer was expecting Jonh Huah could made a machine producing different shape of product in the same time by single machine, and automatically collect both NG bottle and flash during the producing, regrind and reused.

In order to meet customer’s request, Jonh Huah spent time having discussion with design department, engineer and the supplier, then come out with the solution. In addition, our servo hydraulic, servo carriage movement and servo blow pin bring customer the most efficient operation in energy saving. Customer is satisfied with the investment on the servo that Jonh Huah brings to it.

Jonh Huan

Thanks our friends

In last 40 years, Jonh Huah provide our blow molding technology to help our customers/ friends developing their business, and growing up with them.

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