German - Sport Bottle

Customer Nation: GermanIndustry: WaterResin type: LDPE
Machine Model: JHS-490FCavities: 4 Number of station: 1
Actuator Type: Hydraulic(with Servo motor) Productivity: 960 pcs/hrProduct type: Sport Bottle

A renowned company for its expertise in the field of drinking water was established in German for more than 50 years has started working with JONH HUAH closely to install JHS-490 for it's Asia factory in 2017. It can produce up to 960 pcs/hr with the best quality of LDPE bottles.

In customer’s special requirement of the product quality, it needs very smooth surface without any minor line trace mark under light for visual inspection. This is very challenge. JONH HUAH worked very closely with this customer to provide all necessary services, including right solutions and key technologies to support. Through JH’s devotion on R&D for the pilot tests, the result becomes a great success.

Customer said to us : “We know the material of LDPE is not easy to handle in the blow molding process. It was amazing and they satisfied with JONH HUAH for the machine with stable quality of production which contributes to the customer’s high return on investment. Quality of Jonh Huah’s machine is comparable to European brand. And the price of Jonh Huah machine is very attractive to compete. Very high CP investment to my company. “

Jonh Huan

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In last 40 years, Jonh Huah provide our blow molding technology to help our customers/ friends developing their business, and growing up with them.

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