Peru - Engine oil / Lubrication oil bottle

Customer Nation: PeruIndustry: OilResin type: HDPE
Machine Model:
Cavities: 2 Number of station: 2
Actuator Type: Hybrid(with Servo motor) Productivity:
500ml: 1,465 pcs/hr
1L: 720 pcs/hr
4L: 620 pcs/hr
Product type:
Engine oil bottle
Lubrication oil bottle

The customer has great reputation in engine oil industry of Peru who wants to make a new serial bottle family and the customer requests fully automated production.

As such, we propose the blow molding machine integrated the needful accessories which including material feeding and conveying, crushing, material recycle, take out robot, finished bottle collection and conveying and leak tester…etc.

The features of blow molding machine with automated integration system include.

  • Labor cost less
  • Product quality assurance
  • Power saving

Eventually, the customer is satisfied with the performance of Jonh Huah machine which is completely meet the their’s requirements. Both the automation and power saving design could make the customer’s quick payback on the investment, a strong competitive edge for the customer to keep its leading position in Peru county. With the success of this project, customer continues to buy two more similar automation systems in three consecutive years.

Jonh Huan

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