Adapt to special materials and appearance requirements

Cosmetics are an industry that is pursuing beauty. JONH HUAH does not only meet the functional requirements of guests, but also developed special mechanical structures for the special appearance of the products.

Medical products

High precision and high cleanliness

Medical products are industries that are highly related to human life and health. JONH HUAH has won the recognition of the medical industry for it's years of experience
 in blow molding machines.

Daily cleanser

Mass production of daily necessities

Such as shampoos, body wash, shampoo,
and laundry detergents.
JONH HUAH has developed high-speed automatic machines for mass production.

Food and Beverage

For food, sanitation is very important.
JONH HUAH has developed total solutions for customers.
Its include fully automatic production, recycle system,
and servo system which is high cleanliness.

Industry and Automotive

Something like chair, tool box, automotive parts,
hospital bed, mobile toilet...etc. 
Jonh Huah has many experience in mass production.

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